Individual Colour Analysis

Want to know which seasonal palette is yours?

Want to be able to select clothes in colours that suit you?

Dress in colours that suit your complexion?

Wear make-up best suited to your colouring?


With colour analysis, we use the seasons to describe people’s colouring, for just as mother nature has divided herself into four distinct seasons, Autumn Spring, Winter and Summer, your genes have given you a type of colouring that is most complemented by one of these seasonal palettes.

Your personal palette will make all the pieces fall into place.  You’ll look better and you’ll shop more intelligently

The genes that determine your skin tone, hair and eye colour also determine which colours look best on you, your skin tone will never change; it simply deepens with a tan or fades with age,

The human posture serves as a palette for the artist to use as a background.

It depends on oneself how complimentary the colour will be applied to that background.  The colour choice therefore depends on the colour of our skin and how well it harmonises with our total appearance—skin, hair and eyes

It’s wonderful to know that each person’s variations has so uniquely been put together and that they belong in a certain season.  Your season determines your qualities.

Remember each one of us are different when compared to the other. Our fingerprints aren’t even similar.

Colour analysts that aren’t familiar with characteristics of the various season’s eyes are dependent on the basic hair and eye colour.

It must be clearly understood that a season can’t be determined solely by the colour of the hair and eyes but is dependent on the skin’s undertone.  Colours must compliment the skin and complexion.


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