About Joan Nel

Joan Nel started her career in the office environment. With strong leadership, organisational and admin skill she’s managed to obtain a diploma in Business Management and has received numerous acknowledgment for her outstanding efforts. Her lingering passion for Image and Style led to the start of her own business.

Joan is now the proud owner of the Deo Favente Image Consultancy which promises a unique experience guaranteed to make clients feel like a million dollars. A true expert in her field, with the use of Colour, Face, Shape and Wardrobe analysis Joan can help transform both women and men from all walks of life.

Her aim is to give clients a new polished image as well as improved self confidence. Joan keeps abreast of trends ensuring her clients are always on top of “what’s hot and what’s not.” With clever tricks and helpful tips Joan can teach you techniques to help save you money and shop smart.

Joan Nel is a true professional who strives for excellence in all she does. She portrays sheer feminism, poise and has a good personal style of her own.

To better understand your colour palette, how to dress for your shape, to look younger and slimmer and the clever use of accessories contact the Deo Favente Image Consultancy to book an appointment.

Services include:

  • Colour Analysis
  • Make up application
  • Face and Body shape analysis
  • Wardrobe Planning
  • Group Workshops & Talks

For more information and pricing:Email: neljoan9@gmail.com

Tel : 082 448 0296