Dress for Success

Members of Secunda Mall Ladies Club got together at Symphony’s on Thursday, 18 February and learnt more about make-up and how to dress according to their figures.

Jolanda Bedeker of JB Make-Up Emporium in Pretoria, showed the ladies how to apply make-up and taught them the do’s and don’ts of make-up.

She said there are three things you need to have when it comes to make-up.

These are: good brushes, your knowledge and what you are going to apply (how much make-up and what product).

“Your base is very important, if your base is correct, everything else will be right,” said Jolanda.

“Match your foundation to your neck area and test it in the area next to your nose.”

She said women should take five minutes with every area of their make-up, five minutes for their eyes and five minutes for their lips etc.

Her model was Annandi van Huyssteen.

Joan Nel from Deo Tavente Image Consultancy was up next to give the ladies a few tips on the way they should dress.

She said women should start with neutral colours when they are planning their wardrobes.

“You must dress according to your body shape,” said Joan.

There are five types of body shapes, they are: the apple, the pear, the rectangle, the inverted triangle and the hourglass.

She said women with the apple body shape usually have the most beautiful legs, but often hide their legs.

“Women with this body shape must add volume to the bottom part of their bodies and can wear pants with zips, buttons etc.

“Women with a pear body shape must add volume to their top body part and minimise volume to the bottom part of  their bodies.

Unfortunately, no skinny jeans for women with this body shape.”

The best assets of women with a rectangular body shape are their arms and legs.

“These women need to create curves and a waist.

“They can wear most pants and anything flowing and soft will look good on them,” said Joan.

Women with the inverted triangle body shape, have narrow waists.

The hourglass body shape is a balanced shape that any woman desires.

Joan said in order to look good, women must have good support and wear the correct bra.

“Remember accessories can make you or break you.

“We will be confident women if we dress according to our body shapes and colours.

A few of the guests won prizes in the various lucky draws and Adelaide Denny from Bargain Books presented some of the books and DVD’s that are available at Bargain Books.

Jani Zaayman (Marketing Manager at Secunda Mall) thanked the guest speakers and everyone for attending and said the next get together will be at 8:00 on Thursday, 21 April at Symphony’sRestaurant in the Secunda Mall and the guest speaker

will discuss self-defence.

For more information, contact the mall at 010 001 0254.

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